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We often receive unsolicited, commendatory and appreciative letters or notes from our students throughout the USA and the world. This is just a small sampling.

I do want to say that I have plenty of "Learn Hebrew" materials, but after seeing some of your course I am sure yours is the most complete, and the most effective, and practical. I was so happy to find a course from an Israeli believer---this is so unique, and such a blessing.
David. W., Des Moines, IA

Its interesting that some folks I've met recently tell me they've tried 3-4 times to learn Hebrew and were unable. They must be using the wrong course and the wrong instructor, because with your course and with your input, its a joy.
Jane A. , League City, TX

Shalom! I have received my Easy Hebrew Correspondence Course and I love it! It is so much fun to actually be able to write a few words in Hebrew by the end of the first lesson!
Tristan K., Australia

I just love this course! I'm not only learning Hebrew, I am also being blessed by the inspirational gems I find sprinkled in each lesson. It's like learning a new language and taking a really good Bible study all in one!
Gloria S., California

I 'm actually reading the Hebrew Scriptures with comprehension!
(when finished First Phase, starting Second Phase)

...and later, when continuing in the Second Phase...

I have to repeat myself when I say that I am continually in AWE at the inspired content of this entire course. Surely God has blessed you in its preparation! ... I really don't want to study with anyone but you!
Nancy N.; Stanwood, WA

I have just completed my cumulative exam for Easy Hebrew, First Phase, and thought I would include a little note of gratitude and let you know how much Easy Hebrew has meant to me. I strongly believe that every serious student of the Bible should learn Hebrew and I also believe that your course is the best method for doing so. You have opened a whole new realm of study for me and I am eagerly using what I have learned through your course in my daily studies. ...Please send me an enrollment form [for the Second Phase]. I am so looking forward to deeper study and higher learning in the Second Phase that will lead me to a greater relationship with my LORD and savior Jesus Christ.
Pastor Gus S. O'Haran, Christ Gospel Church, Harrisonburgh, VA

I am thoroughly enjoying your program. Honestly, I have been very impressed. I was just expecting something to help me along as I continue to study Hebrew but your course really makes the language live... I speak several languages fluently, am conversational in others. I have used lots of varied study methods and programs, a full spectrum from traditional to only looking at pictures. But I have never found one that makes a language breathe and come alive like this has. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into it. I hope everyone is as happy as I am with Easy Hebrew.
Kimberly B. from Winona Lake, IN

I have begun the course and it is fabulous. It is truly from the heart and a joy to be studying.
[...and later...]
The workbooks are very well done and I take advantage of the audio CDs by listening while I travel to and from work.
[...and later...]
I keep forgetting to tell you how much I appreciate the audio CDs. They are wonderful!!!
Brian L. — college professor, Rexdale, ON, Canada

I want to let you know how much I am enjoying your Hebrew course. It is a priority in my life... Thanks again for helping me to achieve one of my lifelong dreams — to learn the Hebrew language.
K.K., Norfolk, VA

Let me take a moment to thank you for such an exceptional Hebrew program. It is an honor to be learning this sacred language through you.
Tom B.: Smyrna, TN

I must say I am very much enjoying your course. Your presentation of the material is done as only a native speaker with your training could do. The quality of content and materials can be summed up in one word: Excellent !
Noel P., La Grande, OR

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your lessons are! I just began my lessons last week and I am absolutely loving it! I love your teaching method and am very excited because I know that you indeed will help me accomplish my goal in learning this beautiful language! After only one week you already have me reading short sentences!!! Wow!!! I look forward to finishing my first workbook and receiving your input. I wanted to let you know how exciting this is for me.
Dru H.; Kirkland, WA

I have found your course light years ahead of any Hebrew materials out there! It feeds my soul, too.
Moises C.; Jamaica

Thank you for your extended answer to my questions. It was appreciated very much. For one who is in the mid 80's your course "Easy Hebrew" has been very rewarding and interesting. In my crash course of theological studies, Hebrew was set aside.... Your help in [studying Hebrew], I deeply appreciate, and may our gracious God continue to bless you richly for it.
E.P., — retired pastor, Casa Grande, AZ

I have completed the first Lesson of Unit One, and I am writing this letter as my appreciation for your input to the Course. Obviously a lot of time has gone into the preparation and presentation of the Course material. I have found the Course interesting, insightful, educational, enriching, and profound. I like the sections on "Jesus in the Ahlef-beht"—relating Scripture with the Hebrew Language.
C.W. — university student, Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you again for the wonderful course.
J.R., — neurologist, Metairie, LA

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