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Easy Hebrew was created by Yaffa McPherson, a Jewess reared in Israel with Hebrew her native tongue and her passion. She is the co-founder, with her husband, Ken, of I.A. Publications, established to promote the Hebraic mindset of the Scriptures.

Yaffa grew up speaking five languages. In her teens, she immigrated to the United States, and shortly after, miraculously met her Messiah. English became her sixth language. Linguistics was her major, and translating from the Scriptures became her consuming interest.

For over fifteen years, Yaffa has been a dedicated advocate of the Hebraic mindset of the Scriptures. She has a unique way of bringing to life the words of the Bible as well as of the Hebrew language. You will be enriched by the depth of the Hebrew word studies in the course.


A word from Yaffa:

"Soon after I found the Lord, for two years I gave my personal testimony in many churches. I was only seventeen. Then something changed. Hebrew curiosity compelled me to seek God earnestly about Him and the Godly walk. Man's theology failed to satisfy me, so I sat at the feet of my Jewish Savior, Teacher and Author of the Scriptures. In awe of the pure Hebraic truths in Scripture, I realized how partial God is to Hebrew, my mother tongue, whose mindset abounds with the precious jewels of His mindset. From then on, Biblical truths from the Hebrew accompanied my testimony, and everywhere, people implored: 'Please teach me Hebrew with the Hebraic mindset.'

For many years since, I have been teaching Hebrew to Believers — individuals as well as groups. Throughout the years I had also helped many a pastor whose seminary Hebrew was more intimidating than enriching. (That should not be so.)

For too long, until Easy Hebrew, I taught the language with existing courses which were more than disappointing. I know and feel the spiritual needs of those who love God and the Scriptures. Easy Hebrew is my response to the many, many requests. It is the kind of course I feel the serious student or teacher of the Scriptures deserves. You won't regret taking this course!"


Whether your desire is to get to the "root" of God's message in the Scriptures, or to use the language in Israel, Easy Hebrew fulfills its promises.

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Yaffa has written a book of her growing up years in Israel and beyond — a captivating story of endurance and triumph over adversity. Follow this link to: Yaffa, God's Prickly Pear to read a portion of the first chapter and find out how to order your copy.

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